HOZAN B-50-GG MAX Parts Case and Dividers Combo Pack

HOZAN B-50-GG MAX Special Parts Case and Dividers Combo Pack
HOZAN B-50-GG MAX Special Parts Case and Dividers Combo Pack
Item# B-50-GGMAX
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This Combo Pack is One B-50-GG Case + Five B-357 Divider packs, providing you with enough dividers to create max number of compartments.

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Customer-Submitted Reviews

"Whether its for a small, beer and pretzels games, or a behemoth like Advance Squad Leader, these storage units will not let you down! Can't express how well these function with all the counter I have!" -- O.P. (Ottawa, ON)

"A little while ago I picked up two of the Hozan B-50 Double Stack Large Parts Cases and I don't think I can go back to other cases for storing my historical wargaming pieces. I play a lot of games like Advance Squad Leader and this means that my bookshelf is full of boxes and binders that contain thousands and thousands of tiny cardboard pieces that have hundreds of unique variations. The hardest part of playing ASL and games like it, is setting the whole thing up. However, using the Hozan B-50 case I've been able to neatly organize all of my pieces by type, which saves me a ton of time when it comes to setup a game. On top of that, the cases have a really good seal and I've never had a problem with my pieces shuffling from one tray to another. I've used a bunch of other storage boxes to try to store my pieces, but the Hozan is hands down the best parts case I've had the opportunity to use. I highly recommend it. " -- K.H. (Toronto, ON)

"I use Hozan B-50 GG trays to store componets for various board games. Each unit has four removable trays that can be subdivided up to 36 comparments to store small game components like cardboard counters. The width of each compartment enables me to place up to two 1/2" counters next to one another stacked 10 high. This means I can place over 2,500 counters into each unit! Because each compartment is adjustable the tabs are large enough to put label so you can mark the contents of each one. The case snaps shut and sits tight so the compartment contents do not mingle together. Overall this is an excellent storage option for board games like Advanced Squad Leader." -- D.A. (Oshkosh, WI)