NEW ITEMS AND SITE UPDATES [updated 11/1/21]

We will have a running list of new products and website updates on this page. Please check this page frequently for updates!

UPDATE 11/1/21 -- Shipping Charges Chart updated.

UPDATE 8/12/21 -- Improved search function live.

UPDATE 4/13/21 -- Due to continued global disruptions in shipping, the temporarily suspension of online acceptance of foreign orders continues at this time. A limited selection of items can be purchased through our eBay Store ( for delivery into select countries outside the US. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

UPDATE 11/30/20 -- Please remember that all carriers are experiencing delivery delays, so please order as early as possible if purchasing items for holiday gifting.

ADDED 6/15/20 -- HOZAN C-426 and C-427 Fork Die Set, and HOZAN C-426-1 Replacement Die

ADDED 5/26/20 -- HOZAN C-358 BB Fixed Cup Tool

ADDED 2/10/20 -- HOZAN D-912 ESD Precision Screwdriver Set (Available individually as well)

ADDED 1/29/20 -- HOZAN P-40 Pliers


[1/3/20] Happy New Year! Regular hours resumed on January 3, 2020. Orders are always accepted 24/7 here at

[12/4/19] "Clearance" Section updated with new additions.

[8/10/19] We simplified and lowered "STANDARD" shipping costs for US-orders.

[6/18/19] We are continuing to update the "CCD Camera/Microscopes/Magnifiers" Section
Click here for CCD/Camera/Microscopes/Magnifiers

[6/12/19] We have added product (demo/usage) videos for the following Hozan Bicycle Tools:
HOZAN C-120 Combination Spoke Wrench
HOZAN C-142 Stand Spring Tool
HOZAN C-217 Wire Cutter
HOZAN C-356 Inner Wire Pliers
HOZAN C-737 Spoke Threading Meter

ADDED 5/23/19 -- HOZAN P-643-N Adhesive Resistant-tip Tweezers
ADDED 5/23/19 -- HOZAN P-645-N Adhesive Resistant-tip Tweezers

ADDED 2/1/19 -- HOZAN L-92 Magnifying Eyeglasses

ADDED 1/28/19 -- HOZAN F-126 Common Point Bench Ground

ADDED 1/18/19 -- HOZAN P-672 Non-Magnetic, Angled Tweezers (0.2mm tip)

ADDED 1/16/19 -- HOZAN F-301 ESD Chair Cover

ADDED 1/15/19 -- HOZAN H-769 Thermometer for Soldering Irons

ADDED 1/15/19 -- HOZAN H-769-TA Thermometer for Soldering Irons w/Calibration Certificate

ADDED 1/15/19 -- HOZAN H-769-1 IC Tags for H-769/H-769-TA

ADDED 1/11/19 -- HOZAN P-640-J ESD/Elastomer-Tip Tweezers

ADDED 1/11/19 -- HOZAN P-643-J ESD/Elastomer-Tip Tweezers